We believe there is nothing more important in life, than time. That's why we create tools to help enhance businesses efficiency and profitability. Empowering them to spend their valuable time on the things that really matter.

So if your someone that is fed up of being time poor, get in touch, because we have a solution ready to enhance the way you work forever

Be the lighthouse that people need you to be.

Our Why
Transform how B2B sector trade and service customers.

We listen, observe, think, engineer, design, build and maintain. 

Integrated e-commerce solution unique to your business, constantly supported by a dedicated technical support team in a fully managed hosted environment.


Incorporated in 2011, Stack Technologies has been helping businesses big and small, to enhance their online platforms, as well as their backend systems, ever since we were founded. Building key partnerships, and lasting relationships with our clients along the way. And because everything we create is bespoke, we place our clients needs right at the core of our solutions, right where it belongs.

 We are proudly an international business, and have offices in the UK in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk as well as our office in Colombo Sri Lanka, home of of amazing development team.